Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Mild Mild West...

These were taken of and around Bristol Police Station I think : - / I LOVED the knitted street light! Ihaven't seen any like this in London..... but we definately need some!!

A bad photo, sorry! But I just saw this outside some Cafe and had to take a quick snap! Awsome : - )
I also took a short walk around to see some Banksy pieces, following a tour in a book 'Banksy Locations' by Martin Bull that I picked up. This one called Window Lovers on Frogmore Street,
Rollermania Shutter (with Kato) on Park Row, the books dates it as around 1997/98!
Bristols Infamous public toilets. I was tempted to go through the bars and have a look, but my mum would have had 100 panic attacks or .......... my head would have got stuck. : - /
The location that was once the home of Banksys sniper, which has been painted over by a peice showing David Cameron and Boris Johnson rioting. lol : - D
The Mild Mild West.

A man sleeping on a totally awsome chair!!!! I saw the chair the night before, but I didn't have my camera, went back the next day and it had just been moved further down the grass.......  : - D

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