Wednesday, 23 May 2012

best served with a cider.

The recipe for success is written outside Absolute Vintage. 
Its is also;
A recipe for creating art and being creative.
A recipe for getting arrested. 

Hanbury Street stencil by Otto Schade,,,,,,,,, and some more photos of Atlantis. 

we love canvas.

and paint.

andddddd................. I was overjoyed to see the obey collection in The Laden Showroom!
I tried to take more photographs but as usual got told off.
a few times.
I will be visiting there again to buy a t-shirt! For sure. 

found the entrance to ghost town.

it was small. standard postbox size. so I guess the only 'things' that can go to ghost town are actual ghosts.

Cafe 1001. best served with a cider........ : - ) 

the door way next to Stolen Space. I know,,, it has featured before but it like most things in Brick lane has changed!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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