Tuesday, 15 May 2012

nothing lasts forever.

Here are some photographs of some textiles that I handed in today! 
I also had a marketing exam and I am SO happy that they are all finished! 

My knitting was inspired by the use of colour in architecture. (I am sure that is really easy to notice) 
I am please with my outcomes, and amazing that i am still sane! Knitting machines are *torture*

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ! Admittedly completed after many breakdowns and even blood. 
(even if it was a tiny bit. Please feel sorry for me.)

Also news...............!


a new 'Banksy' has popped up on Wood Green Highroad.

I like it, especially that sewing machine (a classic, good choice Banksy)!
Mind you I think  its interesting how the kid has a hat and no shoes. Not a good look.
And its great that he is taking an interest in the Queen. Not that many people I have spoken to are,
for me its just an opportunity to have a good time!? and a good drink. : - )
anyway, I haven't even got my invite yet! Apparently it got lost in the post.
Not Happy.
As for the piece itself, I admittedly don't care much about what it actually means. Just that it looks good.
Mind you some prat's that like a boring undecorated city will probably wash it off soon. 
Never mind. 
Nothing lasts forever. 

Also dear readers, please feel free to blog, update, tweet, pin (whatever tickles your fancy) my blog!
 But, dont forget to link back here pleeeeeassseeeee, and credit me on my photographs. 

Super : - )

....................................... enjoy the fantastic weather. x

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