Tuesday, 31 July 2012

sales spares repairs.

 These pictures we taken on grimsby street just off brick lane, ive never actually walked down this street, but i was happy i did ; - ) 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

5 Things I Love!

Today's post is funny one. It is a random collection of things I really, really like, and hopefully you guys will share some of my interests.

1. Jeffrey Campbell "Madame Black Suede"

They are absolutely gorgeous! I have always loved spikes, and these perfectly combine punk, quirky and elegance. I have been eyeing them since their launch week, but been unable to decide if they were going to be another "everyone's got'em" shoe. Now after nearly 3 months of doubt, and patrolling the feet of the London club scene, I have come to the conclusion that these shoes are in fact quite unique! This, along with the fact that they are now available in 3 colours, has convinced me they are perfect for me, and hopefully these amazing shoes will soon be part of my little collection.

2. Professor Green

This sexy, sexy man has been the object of my single-minded obsession since Karen introduced me to his music back in November last year. At first I wasn't particularly impressed, but after listening to a few of his songs he grew on me, and he is now my first celebrity crush for 5 years! Everything about him is just so amazing: his style, his music, his lyrics, his voice - and of course his amazing looks! If you aren't already familiar with this fabulous East London-lad, I suggest you look him up on youtube straight away! (I will post a link to his newest video "Remedy" at the bottom of the page)

3. My new Nikon D3100 camera

I have never been big on photography or technology in general. Spending hard-earned money on a computer game, a sound system or even laptops, was never really appealing to me. I would much rather spend my money on fashion! This is why I was very sceptical, when both Karen and my other friend Eerika kept telling me how fabulous these cameras are. If you had asked me 3 months ago, I could have sworn that I would never ever get one, but as time moved on, I realized how much I actually needed it for my work, so in the beginning of July I finally did it! Now I will finally get to put my newly developed photoshop skills to good use.

4. Strawberry Tart

Although London is great, I rarely come across truly yummy cake - and I LOVE cake! This is why I can't wait to go back home to Denmark on Tuesday. I will most definitely be having one of these amazing strawberry tarts. Mmmh!

5.  The Gherkin

The Gherkin or 30 St Mary Axe is probably my favourite building in the entire world! To me it represents London, moving here and for the first time in my life doing something, which was 100% my decision. It is so cute and pretty, and even on the greyest day, seeing it on the way back from uni can put a smile on my face.

That was all for this week! I will be back next Sunday - if not sooner.

Saturday, 28 July 2012


I took this selection of photographs down a little dead end area on Brick Lane between Fashion Street and Fournier Street. As you walk past you can just catch a glimpse of the balloon crown so, of course I had to walk down and investigate.

also this interesting article caught my eye,,,,,, definitely worth a share and a read, the images are beautiful!

The McQ army returned to London this season with a show part Blair Witch and part Babes in the Wood. Designer Sarah Burton tells Susannah Frankel the story behind a fairytale homecoming

While there was a utilitarian feel to the clothes – from functional fabrics and visible seams to patch pockets and tattered hems – all were executed with the attention to cut, fit and proportion with which Alexander McQueen made his name. "I wanted to pay particular attention to the structure," Burton confirms. 

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

excited much?

So,,,, with the Olympic torch making its way down my road tomorrow morning, I thought I would get the ball rolling with a slightly hesitant (due to tfl related issues : - /) blog post! 

So here are some photographs I took a couple of weeks back in and around St Katherine's Dock.

And another person who appears quite excited about the Olympics is Banksy.
I love these stencils especially the last one : - ) 

Monday, 23 July 2012


and one of Kates stencils,,,,,

and another stencil from the collection of images for my cd cover,

The results of another trip to Leake street! I think I'm finally getting to grips with the whole spray paint thing,,,,,, 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

DIY Louboutins - source of inspiration, or plain plagiarism?

Greetings people!

Having been invited by my lovely friend Karen Buckley to join the Diamond Blogging Dolls as a guest  Sunday blogger, this will be my maiden blog post. As I too am a Fashion Marketing and Textile Design student, I share many interests and hobbies with both my fellow-bloggers, but believe I can bring something different to the table.

I hope you will all follow me on my journey over the next couple of months, where I will go through quite a few controversial topics. First stop: Christian Louboutin!

I - along with every other woman on the planet - have "a thing" for shoes. As some of you might have seen in one of Karen's previous posts, we went to see the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum, which was an orgasmic experience! The shoes are simply fabulous. Fabulous, but pricy - which brings me to the core of today's debate: where is the line between DIY and simply copying?

The other day I was looking through my daily Vogue newsletter, when I came across an article about the increasing amount of young women, who buy cheap stilettos and paint the soles red. In some cases the women even brought pictures and magazine advertisements to paint shops, so they could sufficiently colour-match the signature red sole of the iconic Louboutins!

My first response was surprise, which was quickly followed by rage! I have always been against buying counterfeited goods, and making them yourself is not the least bit better. As a coming designer, I can in no way support "stealing" ideas and designs - even if the designer is already well-established and financially stabile. In the majority of cases, the designer started out as a nobody, and has had to work very hard to get to where he/she is today, and all that hard work and risk-taking has to be respected.

I can fully relate to how frustrating it can be, finding yourself in the situation of wanting something out of your price range, but if you ask me, there is only two possibilities: save up or let it go. That is what I do!

I completely support the individual desire to creatively express yourself through DIY by fixing up old rags, drawing inspiration from designers, or buying the high street version of current styles, but counterfeits or even high street spins of signature pieces is unacceptable! Particularly in the case of Louboutins it spoils the entire idea behind the design. The USP of a Louboutin is the red sole, and when you see someone walking down the street in shoes with red soles, you are probably thinking to yourself: "Hmm... Loubou's, not bad!" I simply don't understand, why anyone would like to wear fakes? If you like the particular design of a shoe, you would probably be able to find something similar in Office for a fragment of the price, but when you pick a random shoe and paint the sole red, it reeks of "I-desperately-want-to-be-part-of-the-club".

It was even mentioned in a section, that a woman had painted the soles of her wedding shoes. What is the point? Is it the illusion of money, which has such mass-appeal? I must confess, I don't understand. It would be like writing Versace on the label of Primark dress with a permanent marker: wrong!

I am well aware that quite a number of people would probably disagree with me on this one, but what do you think? Is it okay to paint the soles of £20 shoes, to make them look like Louboutins? Comments are welcomed!

(Also, I have linked the Vogue article below, in case anyone would be interested in reading, what started this whole debate)

Friday, 20 July 2012

success and discovery.

key & retired stencil

These pictures show the final outcome of some previous work I have blogged, its purpose was self promotional. To create the images I collaged together some photographs taken in 1992,which I then revisited and re-shot earlier this year, and then used as a background to some stencils I created. 
The use of the key was purely to provoke thought and engagement from the reader, as the piece is quite personal I wanted to find a way that would allow the viewer to connect with it and create their own personal reaction. 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Shard laser show.

Here is a selection of photographs that i took out of my window of the shard, the photographs came out well concidering I live pretty far away! From where I was veiwing, you could only see a variation of three strobes of light, but some of the pictures taken close to the shard at street level are amazing! you can see a selection HERE on the guardian website!