Sunday, 26 August 2012

Logan Hicks: Structural Integrity.

I recently visited the Logan Hicks exhibition at The Outsiders Gallery in SoHo, which I think is now finished.

It you managed to make it down there to have a look I am sure that you will agree with me on just how amazing the work was..... 
I found it quite impossible to add up just how these images could have been made by a human using hand-cut stencils...?!?!?! 

seriously WTF.

It made me and my stencil cutting attempts feel VERY VERY lazy.... 

there were details and colours to these stencils which are just impossible to show in a photograph, 

but just to give you an idea.....

and some photographs from a walk I took along the Thames,,,,,

typically at the time I decided to go and look at the Olympic Rings they weren't down and we ended up waiting ages and walking pretty far before they appeared. But the night sky made it worthwhile! : - )

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