Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Hobbs Wish List

I have been considering putting together "My Hobbs Wish List" for a while now, and after nearly two weeks holiday in Denmark a great chunk of the Autumn Winter collection has finally arrived in the store - and I am love-LOVE-loving it! There are so many fabulous pieces, and I can't wait to some of them will be re-homed in my wardrobe. Therefore I thought I would share my favourite pieces today:

Cherington Bag
It is quite possibly the most amazing shopper, I have ever seen! I have been looking for a leather tote for more than two years, and finally I have found it. I guarantee it wont be long before this bag is upgraded from wish list fantasy to carrying my maccie to uni!

Arabella Dress

This dress is drop-dead gorgeous! Lusciously draped, 50's style, midi-length prom dress with a fabulous sweetheart neckline - and it comes with detachable straps! It is oh so cute and completely suits my style, so hopefully this dress will not stay a fantasy for too long.

Caravaggio Shirt 

This shirt is absolutely fabulous! As a non-print person, I very surprised to find myself loving this piece,  but I reckon it has something to do with the combination of the soot-coloured sleeves, back and details. I am sure this shirt would look amazing styled with a variety of things, however I am not sure it would suit me - it will therefore most likely stay on the wish list.

Gaby Brogue
Hobbs designs legendary shoes, and with more than 30 years of experience in shoe-making, and their own factory in Italy, these brogues are no exception. The quality is superb, and you really get your money's worth, when investing in a pair like this! They are without a doubt amazing, and the masculine design for women makes me think of Twiggy and the swinging sixties - I am however, still not fully convinced. I have a love/hate relationship with patent leather, and I can't decide if it might be a bit too much?

Jean Mac

 A classic Hobbs style - and reasonably priced! Every season they bring this fabulous mac back in a wide range of colours, and as always I can't resist anything blue/green'ish, and this teal colour is just what I have been looking for.

Jeri Button Court
Super, super cute court shoe! The chunky heal, and the mix of suede and faux crocodile makes it both quirky and feminine without being too girly. It is very unique and all in all a winner shoe.

Marisa Sweater
I have yet another love/hate relationship going on with the whole peplum trend. I can look absolutely amazing, but sometimes it is just plain overkill, because the designer couldn't think of anything better to do. It is everywhere right now, but something tells me this jumper is different. I love the colour, and there is just something really cute about this!

Aphrodite Dress

This dress leaves me breathless! It is stunning, and I am sure it will be a best-seller. It is so incredibly feminine and goddess-like, so the name fits perfectly. It was inspired by a 1920's dress Hobbs's 'Invitation' designer found in Paris. It is super lusciously silky with great beadwork, and the quality is amazing! This dress will be the dress of 2012, and I get the feeling I better to start looking for it now, before it gets sold out.

Caravaggio Dress

 Moving on to a less extravagant dress, which is still awesome! My first thought when seeing this dress was "Oh my, mrs. Bucket from 'Keeping up Appearances' would love this", but now I find that it speaks to me more and more. I love the design! It is so different from anything I have ever seen before: The combination of the peplum-style shape, the print and the silky material is just to die for. Amazing!

Cawthorn Belt
Lovely, lovely belt. Normally I would shy away from animal print, as I find I am "too white" to pull it off, and would end up looking trashy instead. However, as this is a skinny belt I find it would act as a cute detail - if styled the right way. 

Glory Platform Ankle Boot
As autumn is approaching, it is time to start looking for boots, and this ankle boots are super fierce! I love the simplicity of this particular boot, as the only ornamental elements are the stitchings on the side, which are hardly visible. It is also available in the colour 'bottled green', but as always black is a safe choice. Maybe as winter approaches and the weather gets colder, I might change my mind as deep green would certainly brighten up a boring, grey autumn morning.

 Felicia Bracelet
This amazing, oversized bracelet will be the perfect finishing touch for any look! It is super glamorous, but the chunky size still makes it quite quirky. Super cute.

 Sally Top

This lovely silk blouse is perfect for that 50's 'Mad Men'-look! Gorgeous colour and cut, and just right every single way. 

Selina High Loafer
This shoe is so incredibly fabulous! I already have to pairs of Hobbs loafers, but when I saw this court version, I fell madly in love. The heal is the perfect height for daytime and comfort, and is not too low for evenings either. They are also available in all-black, but I love the little faux animal spot! I simply must own them! 

Check in tomorrow night for pictures of my fabulous new Hobbs uniform!

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