Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Top 5: Burberry Autumn/Winter '12 Prorsum Accessories

Burberry is probably my favourite fashion house, and it is by far the best British label available! I love everything about the brand. From quirky Prorsum, to soft cashmere scarves, or the classic checks to gorgeous fragrances: It is all amazing! This is why I would like to share my five favourite Prorsum accessories with you guys.

1. Framed Suede Crossbody Bag

This incredible crossbody was first brought to my attention through the Burberry newsletter. It is sick! Quite possibly the most fabulous bag of 2012. I love how it has that vintage look, but at the same time looks ultra modern. Although I am not normally keen on yellow, but the way it has been combined with the warm brown leather tones makes it work. The buckle is super cute, and it is generally a very wearable bag.

2. Duck Handle Walking Umbrella

Although this particular umbrella is taken from the men's accessories, I wouldn't think twice about wearing it! More feminine styles (featuring foxes and owls) are actually available for women, but I think the duck is wicked. Both handle and actual umbrella are available in a variety of colours, so there any desire should be covered. If I owned an umbrella like this, I carry it with me regardless of weather!

3. Studded Leather Glove

I know, I know: these are a bit Lady Gaga - but they are too awesome to overlook! The amount of studs is a bit "too" much, but in a good way! Wearing gloves like these will guarantee you the attention of every by-passer on the street. If that isn't the essence of awesomeness right there, I don't know what is.

4. Metal Owl Ring

Another brilliant animal piece. This ring is so cute - and super easy to wear! It is chunky enough to catch your eye and spice up a dull look, but it still remains feminine. It is bound to be popular, and I can imagine women of all ages wearing it.

5. Country Animal Studded Clutch Bag

Picking just one clutch was as good as impossible. There are so many amazing versions of  the 'Country Animal' clutches and handbags - one more gorgeous than the other! After having been torn between an olive green, duck head clutch (which by the way would be the perfect hunting accessory), I decided to go for this one, as I am sucker for studs.

I simply cannot believe how brilliant this collection is! I am sure Christopher Bailey must have been thinking of me, when he designed all these amazing pieces. Surely, Burberry will get loads of attention this winter, and i predict a high number of celebrities will be mixing some British heritage into their styles. Furthermore it will be interesting to see the High Street's spin on 'Country Animal'. Personally I will be keeping an eye on River Island, as they always tend to make some great interpretations of Burberry!

If you liked today's post, have a look at Burberry's website for more awesomeness: http://dk.burberry.com/store/womens-accessories/aw12-prorsum-accessories/ 

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