Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Season, New Uniform

As I promised yesterday, today's post is dedicated to my new Hobbs uniform. Since autumn is closing in, it is time to tug away the sandals and put together a more rustic look. Yesterday's entering made it pretty clear that the new autumn/winter lines are absolutely fabulous, but which outfit did I go for in the end?

Generally I am hugely influenced by the 1950's, but lately I have been finding myself looking even further back in history. For this look I have drawn inspiration from the glamorous Hollywood in the 1930's-40's. 

The dress is a well-constructed, softly draped and pleated dream, and I new instantly it would be perfect for the coming season! Style-wise it is not the kind of dress I would normally go for, as it is very girly, but I was convinced it would look amazing with the right styling.

The scarf is absolutely gorgeous! It is a vintage-inspired silk scarf, which just oozes of elegance. With the lovely deep red and the hint of safari it is the perfect accessory, and I am sure I will get loads of use out of it.

The quilted shoes are perfect in so many ways. They are super cute, they are comfortable - which is quite possibly the most important factor, considering I do a fair share of walking - but more importantly: the quality is amazing! I probably already mentioned the Italian leather shoe-fact yesterday, but Hobbs pumps are the best in the market. They last forever and ever, and they never lose shape. I have met ladies, who have had their Hobbs pumps for four years, and the only difference between the old and the new was fading colours! Also they give great support for your posture, as they are not completely flat, and actually do have a proper sole and heal.

This is certainly not the typical Hobbs look, but I the idea of wearing something completely bland without adding a bit of personal flavour just kills me. I think after nearly a year, I have finally managed to find my own 'Hobbs style', and I am quite pleased with the result. With this look, autumn and winter is bound to be fabulous!

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