Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sunny days, beachy days!

After having spend a lovely day driving around Thy, Karen and I needed to get some fresh air, so the final stop on our little road trip was Vorupør! This place is quite unique as the fishermen tow their boats onto the beach when they are done for the day. 

Striking a pose for the camera!

Blue sky, sand dunes and lime grass - how idyllic!

Having taken the module 'constructed textiles', has clearly had a long term effect on both Karen and I. Now we seem to find wacky knits everywhere we go! Despite of having been a frequent visitor at this beach for my entire life, I have never seen this knit-coverede pole before. Well-spotted Karen!

Anyone who goes to Vorupør simply most go for a stroll down the pier! The view is spectacular, the breeze is refreshing and if you are lucky, you might meet some hobby fishers. 

The snapshot taken near the end of the pier facing land. 

My trusted 'London Met Library Services' tote. I couldn't leave the house without it! 

On the way back we decide to go test out the water. It was very cold indeed, but still quite nice!

Funny element of the day: a hipster illuminati triangle! Coincidence? I think not.

What better way to end a beach day than indulging in a scoop of lovely ice cream? There are loads of options and variety of ice cream parlours in Vorupør, but we had to go support the local ice cream company: ParadIS. Their ice cream is made daily, so the range of flavours is limited, however it is extremely delicious! You really taste all the yummy ingredients and every bite is like a little piece of heaven. 

Doesn't this look amazingly creamy and yummy? Mmh! This one is the flavour of the month, Oreo, and in the back of the photo you can see Karen with her scoop of Banana/Strawberry ice cream - which by the way, was equally delicious. So if you ever get the chance to go to Vorupør, we highly recommend paying ParadIS a visit! 

This is it for now, but stay tuned! Tomorrow we will reveal the pictures taken on our  little road trip around Thy.

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