Saturday, 1 September 2012

Camden culture.

I took a little trip to Camden and a walk along the Regents Canal,
and the sun was shining,,,,,, so my camera was out!

The shapes and colours that the sun was creating as it reflected off the water was beautiful!

Enjoying a Costa,,, and probably wondering why I was taking their photo ; - )

Taken in a cute little cafe in the Stables market,,,

I would also like to welcome Danielle,,,, 

Aesthetic Sousveillance's new guest blogger!!

You can find out more about Danielle in her introduction post 'Hello'...

and you can check out her incredible blog here at 


Kate, I am pleased to say has started her own blog!! 

So if you liked what you saw of her on here,,,, you better head over to 

and I am more that certain a follow wouldn't be a bad idea!

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