Sunday, 2 December 2012

Vhils: Devoid | Lazarides Gallery

 Vhils work is simply incredible.  I loved all the colours, layers, and textures. The pieces are visually stimulating and made using posters taken from the street, so I'm sure if you pay attention to whats going on around you, you will notice some familiar things hidden in the layers.

"Our youngest artist, the already prolific Portuguese-born Alexandre Farto's range spans from collage to portraiture. Of late he's taken to creating works purely from in situ materials, taking Vandalism as art to its logico ad absurdum conclusion. Advertising hoardings are torn to make fresh images, and plaster drilled away at until the remaining relief forms the work. He is, at the time of writing, experimenting with a cocktail of Quink ink and household bleach. But this is a long way from brutalism. Vhils art is poetic, complex, and ambitious, often focusing on the needs we have abandoned in favour of our wants, and the realisation that trading pleasure back in for happiness will be a less than straightforward exchange."

Heres some infomation about the exhibition, you can read the rest here in the Press Release, 

 Vhils: Devoid
30th November 2012 - January 5th 2013
Lazarides Gallery, 11 Rathbone Place, London W1

"Rathbone is proud to present the most comprehensive solo show to date from the artist Vhils: Devoid. In contrast to his previous solo exhibitions, the artist’s latest body of work will focus on the individual in relation to the overpowering force of urban environments and to the dominant noise created by the cities’ unidirectional line of communication. Devoid will culminate a series of projects executed in 2012 in Shanghai, Paris, the favelas of Rio and Lisbon.
Vhils has been exploring the complexities of the relationship between the individual, the urban environment and the ideological framework that sustains it since first taking up graffiti in the streets of his native Lisbon and has since gained huge international acclaim. Like other graffiti artists, Vhils learnt how to “read” the city, how to navigate its main thoroughfares and back streets, assessing the potential to strike and leave a mark. Yet, he soon realised the proposition contained in the urbanised space of the city extended beyond its physical territory, comprehending a vast cultural domain with ideological edifices rooted in the media, advertising, the designs of consumerism and the projection of public space."

 While in London Vhils has also been busy out on the Streets, and created this on Hewett Street in Shoreditch.
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