Thursday, 7 March 2013

POP | James Rosenquist

So, after the epic magnificence of a visit to Tates Lichtenstein retrospective I began to think about what other artist would I love to see such a grand exhibition. My first thought was Andy Warhol, his work has had a massive influence on my turn to textile printing as apposed to fashion design ( and I admit to many thoughts of wanting to turn my hand to fine art printing). Perhaps another exhibition from Banksy would be an amazing treat? Although I do gain much more pleasure out of hunting Banksys stencils out on the street rather than seeing it on the white walls of a gallery. But, then I came to the conclusion that I have seen a pretty vast number of Warhols, perhaps some exposure to another big pop art player is in need. And so, my thoughts went towards James Rosenquist, I believe I have seen one or two of his paintings during my life so far, and was first introduced to his work during an art history class. So, here is my visual homage to Rosenquist, in the hoping that a magnificent London exhibition is in his future plans!
Time stops the face continues, 2008.
Speed of Light Illustrated, 2008.

The Stowaway Peers Out at the Speed of Light - Speed of Light. 2000.

Campaign. 1965. Lithograph

Untitled, 1980

I Love You with My Ford, 1961.
Landmark (Detail), 1965.

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