Monday, 15 April 2013

Project | Pattern cutting for the novice, I mean textiler.


Hi all! So this whole weekend I have pretty much dedicated to actually doing some hand in worthy Textiles work! *Insert Applause Here*

I also found out this morning that we have a formative assessment tomorrow, so I am quite happy that I have been a good student and put a load of time in!

If you have liked my page on Facebook then you hopefully would have seen my post saying that I received my pattern cutting book (which I ordered from here).
When I bought it I was pretty skeptical, as I thought that because I have never done any form of pattern cutting before I would be way to out of my depth.

But trying to be optimistic I bought it anyway.
Remembering the advice someone who was doing a pattern cutting course gave me when I expressed my interest in pattern cutting, that 'you can only learn it, by doing it' that a lesson won't teach you anything unless your willing to put time in yourself and that I should by a book and have a go! 

And so after the massive fail of my last attempt at making a body piece for my project, I have nothing to loose. (You can read a bit more about that here)

So far I have managed to make a basic bodice and sleeve block, and edit them to how I want my garment to look, after using a LOT of pattern paper and then moving onto newspaper and five pretty successful toiles.
I also obviously needed some material to create my toiles with and went to the fabric shop to find out just how expensive (in budget student terms) calico actually is and then buy 10 meters of some brownish, not so stretchy polyester, cotton mix (who actually knows?) ugly stuff fabric for £1 per meter. Yay!

The book I bought by Dennic Chunman Lo, has been really useful (it must be good if I have actually managed to create something that actually works) and the step-by-step instructions are super easy to follow and the images and illustrations along the way are so clear and useful!

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