Friday, 5 April 2013

Style | The Visually Hungry

Today I faced the cold in order to show you my new +Kurt Geiger shoes that I recently posted some photos of.

As I sifted through my wardrobe for 'the outfit' I came across a beautifully printed orange shift dress from New Look, of which I had never worn.
I tried it on with the shoes and it was a perfect match.

Although, there is something about shift dresses that really don't do it for me and the length was horrible, so I decided to simply cut it in half.
And so I wore it as a top with a simple purple skirt from +Forever 21 and a New Look necklace.
The coat is from +JOY , the cardigan is from The United Colors of Benneton and my bag is Vintage.

You may have also noticed my two favorite publications.
Firstly +Harper's BAZAAR , of which I have had a subscription to for the past three years.
I love this magazine because I really enjoy reading the articles, especially those in the talking points section which explore a variation of topics including literature, performing arts, photography and film.
They have also begun to include a page called 'My Moodboard' which showcase's the moodboard of a chosen designer for the season. This month (May) it shows  Kenzo's creative direction of the colourful motifs of the jungle.

Secondly Hunger which is 'For the Culturally & Visually Hungery.'
I must also point out Love and Garage are also on my list of favorites.

I buy Hunger because of the amazing imagery, which is so inspiring.
Besides with Rankin as publisher it was destined to be visually incredible.

"In November 2011, Rankin returned to magazine publishing with a fresh offering – The Hunger. A biannual fashion, culture and lifestyle magazine, The Hunger and its associated Hunger TV website – a video-based digital platform featuring in -depth interviews, fashion films, blogs, updates, and previews – marked Rankin’s return to the fashion world with an understanding that the future is not only printed but digital too. With the fourth issue about to be released the Hunger is all about a creative passion and a raw talent that drives individuals forward in a quest for pushing the limits of creativity. Shooting almost every image in issue 1, The Hunger is both a personal creative feat and a launch pad for other talent to step into the breach." Taken from here.

The pages are big and the paper is of high quality, yet it is only priced at £4.95.
A ridiculous bargain, a price like that will always keep me buying.
Hunger magazine has also introduced me to an endless list of the best upcoming recording artists, designers, fine artists and other persona's.

It is also fresh as a spring daisy and only on its fourth issue.

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