Monday, 13 May 2013

Project | The Berwick St vs. Holloway Road Price Implosion!

 Today I also finally managed to purchase my materials for my textiles final piece.
I initially had plans to create an entire outfit for out catwalk show, but since plans for the event have fallen through, and unfortunately now we wont be having a catwalk to present our final collections I have settled with creating just the jacket.
Besides, this will allow me to spend longer putting it together and will mean that I am under a considerable amount of less pressure. 

Its quite a bummer and I am pretty gutted that it won't be taking place, but us second years are adamant that plans will go ahead for next year!

As I showed you all in my last Project post, I took a visit to Berwick Street to source some materials.
Berwick street is a much more pleasurable place to pick and compare materials, as the shops are quite big and they have a wide range to choose from.
But, there extortionate prices are slightly ridiculous!

So, today I went to good old Rolls and Rems and The Nags Head Market on Seven Sisters Road, near Holloway Road Underground, looking for some similar materials and ended up buying the materials above; some of which are the exact same material on offer at Berwick Street.

To conclude, I ended up spending under £25 on materials and some other bits and bobs (the pastel pink and green materials I bought simply because I liked them..... and they were £1 per meter) which would have cost me in the region of £80 on Berwick Street!

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  1. Gorgeous colors!

    Come check out my new shoot with my all new photographer! Let me know what you think! xxxx