Wednesday, 26 June 2013

LIfe | Ludwig Museum \ The Other Half of the Sky

Hi all!  Quick little post :)

These few pictures I took on a trip to the Ludwig Museum in Budapest.... I went specifically to see the two works of art specifically (the fact they have a load of Picasso's added to it too), Andy Warhol's one of many, Elvis pieces and Lichtenstein's Vicki!

I also noticed that I have managed to hide my face from all of the shots,,,, but I am sure you have seen it enough times.... heres a break.
(Basically I lost my RayBan Aviators, which I replaced with a nice new pair of Clubmasters, sooo there was too much squinting going on. Not a good look.)

As I mentioned in a previous post while we were in Budapest they were hit with some floods, the last pictures show the road slowly being revealed as the water receded from the Houses of Parliament.

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